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Helmholtz lecture 14/9/2018: Janneke Jehee, Uncertainty in perceptual decision-making

Janneke Jehee,  Visual Computation Lab, Center for Cognitive Neuroimaging, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior, Nijmegen, The Netherlands “Uncertainty in perceptual decision-making” Virtually anything we sense, think and do is uncertain. For instance, when driving a car, you often need to determine how close you are to the car in front of you. It…

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Sanne Moorman awarded NWO Veni grant

Sanne Moorman has acquired an NWO Veni grant (€ 250 000) on the topic “Tracking live brain activity during birdsong learning and memory formation.” She will conduct her Veni research within Helmholtz/ UU Experimental Psychology, in collaboration with Johan Bolhuis, who was also her PhD advisor (January 14, 2015, cum laude). After her PhD Sanne worked…

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€ 531 240 Marie-Curie project for Carlijn van den Boomen et al.

€ 531 240 Marie-Curie project, short for ShAPIng the social brain through Early interactioNS, awarded to Carlijn van den Boomen, Roy Hessels, Caroline Junge, and Chantal Kemner, as part of a larger European project. The focus of the project is on how interaction between parent and child shapes the (neurocognitive) development of the child. Two early stage…

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2018 Helmholtz retreat June 27-29 in Schoorl (Jan van Scorelhotel)

The 2018 Helmholtz retreat featured presentations by PhD students, a dedicated PhD workshop, demo’s (e.g., eye tracking, driving simulator, remote heart rate recording), lectures by (inter)national guest speakers, and many other things (see HHRetreat2018_Program). Keynotes included Fiona Newell (Trinity College Dublin), Chris Olivers (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam), Stephen Jackson (University of Nottingham), and Angelo Maravita (University of Milano-Bicocca). Many thanks…

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Grants for Teuni ten Brink and Marnix Naber

In collaboration with Opthalmology, Utrecht Medical Center Utrecht, Marnix Naber has been awarded € 300 000 for a research project on the testing of visual field damage in children with brain diseases. The money is granted by the Rotterdam foundation for the blind (Stichting voor Blindenbelangen), Dr. F.P. Fischer foundation, the ODAS foundation, and the…

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Serge Dumoulin awarded NWO Vici grant

Serge Dumoulin has been awarded an NWO Vici grant (€ 1 500 000) for his research project on the dynamics of the human brain. From the NWO site: Visual perception: population receptive field dynamics in the human brain We live in a dynamic world. Our brain must be dynamic to cope with changing environments and tasks but…

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