Helmholtz Institute


26 January 2024
16:00 - 17:00
Ruppert building room Red (Rood), Leuvenlaan 21 3584 CE Utrecht

Helmholtz Lecture Todd Braver, January 26: The Dual Mechanisms of Cognitive Control Project

Helmholtz lecture Todd Braver (Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis)

Title: The Dual Mechanisms of Cognitive Control Project

Abstract: The Dual Mechanisms of Cognitive Control (DMCC) project provides a rigorous experimental test of a theoretical framework positing two key modes of control ­– proactive and reactive – that may reflect domain-general dimensions of individual variation.  This framework is currently being evaluated through an on-going, larger-scale fMRI neuroimaging study (target N=200), as well as through an on-line behavioral study (multiple waves of testing, each with N > 100). Both feature a multi-session protocol, composed of a novel cognitive control task battery, plus comprehensive, individual differences assessment. I’ll provide an overview of the study design & protocol, current and planned analytic approaches, and methodological development, along with initial behavioral, psychometric, and neuroimaging findings.  In the interest of encouraging shared engagement by the scientific community, DMCC data will be made fully public at study completion; a partial dataset has already been released. 

Location: Ruppert building room Red (Rood), Leuvenlaan 21 3584 CE Utrecht

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