Helmholtz Institute


8 April 2022
16:00 - 17:00
Will be hybrid, Ruppert Paars

Helmholtz lecture Hilde Geurts, April 8: Gerontology meets Psychiatry: Autism across the adult lifespan

Friday April 8th, Prof. Hilde Geurts from the University of Amsterdam will provide this Helmholtz lecture from 16:00-17:00, with drinks afterwards in the pantry of Experimental Psychology in the Langeveld building. Below you can find the title, abstract and an option to request the link to join the hybrid meeting (this meeting will not be recorded).

Title: Psychiatry meets Gerontology: Autism across the adult lifespan

Abstract: Autism has been studied for several decades now, but the main focus of this research was on childhood and early adulthood. While research including middle aged and older autistic adult is still in it’s infancy, there is increasing attention for this life phase were psychiatry and gerontology meet. One of the complexities is that aging trajectories in the general population are already diverse and that autism in itself is also an increasingly heterogeneous construct. This is why it is questioned whether one can expect to observe autism specific findings and whether subgrouping would be helpful. In this talk I will discuss the latest findings of our work on a) cognition and co-occurring health conditions in the adult lifespan and b) in which ways we try to test whether subgrouping could make sense even though subgrouping does not come without societal risks.

Location on campus: Ruppert building, room Paars (Leuvenlaan 21, 3584 CE Utrecht)
Teams link to the meeting: request at helmholtz@uu.nl