Helmholtz Institute


25 March 2022
Ruppert Rood, Leuvenlaan 21. For teams link request at helmholtz@uu.nl

Helmholtz lecture Frans Cornelissen (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), March 25: Imaging human neural interaction in health and disease

Assessing Cortical Visual Processing and Plasticity in an Ophthalmic Disorder: from Stimulus-Driven to Cortical Circuitry ApproachesAn unresolved question concerns the degree to which cortical neurons can adapt their receptive fields and connections when normal vision is compromised by damage to the visual system.  Answering it is particularly relevant in the context of vision rehabilitation based on either perceptual training, implants,  or stem cells. Although advances have markedly improved stimulus-driven approaches, it often remains challenging to interpret results in terms of plasticity. For the ophthalmic disease glaucoma in particular,  I will show how there is a role for approaches such as connective field modelling that can assess cortical function and circuitry, notably also in the absence of visual stimulation.

Location: Ruppert Rood, Leuvenlaan 21

For teams link request at helmholtz@uu.nl