Helmholtz Institute


29 - 30 August 2019

Visit of Michael Frank (Brown University) to Helmholtz/EPOS


  • Thursday August 29, University of Amsterdam
    Extended methodological talk on quantitative model fitting.
    Time and location t.b.a.
  • Friday August 30, Utrecht University
    Expert meeting on the article by Collins & Frank (PNAS, 2018), Within- and across-trial dynamics of human EEG reveal cooperative interplay between reinforcement learning and working memory; secondary Collins & Frank (2016, Cognition), Neural signature of hierarchically structured expectations predicts clustering and transfer of rule sets in reinforcement learning.
    Time: 14:00-15.00, location t.b.a.
  • Friday August 30, Utrecht University
    Helmholtz lecture on Cortical-striatal functioning: modeling and empirical perspectives.
    Time: 16:00-17:00, location: Educatorium, Theatron hall.